Scientific Database

General Internet Bio Resources

Biomolecular & Biochemical Databases (Sequences, Structures, etc)

Access to Multiple Databases

  • DBGET(requires graphics)

  • Entrez(DNA/RNA + Protein + Structures + Medline subset)

  • LabonWeb

  • NCBImultiple database access

  • SRS(EMBL, SwissProt, PIR, PDB, Prosite...)

DNA & RNA Sequences

DNA & RNA Motifs, Sites, etc

  • REBASE, the restriction enzyme database

  • TRANSFACdatabase on eukaryotic cis-acting regulatory DNA elements and trans-acting factors.

Protein Sequences

Protein Motifs & Patterns

Search Engines and Links

Banks and Tables

Selected Model Organism Databases

Selected Other Biological Databases

Biological Software Directories

More Links!!

You may also wish to search The Pasteur Institute's Search Service

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