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Scientific Advisory Board Meeting of SFHI 2019


President WANG Xinhua

President Wang Xinhua delivered a speech and expressed his welcome and gratitude to the experts of the Scientific Advisory Board who came to attend the meeting. He introduced the situation of our school and related work such as foreign exchanges and cooperation. He hopes that the experts will actively contribute to the development of the institute and provide strong support for the construction of high-level universities. 


Professor Jules HOFFMANN and Professor ZHONG Nanshan


Professor CAO Xuetao and Professor ZHONG Nanshan

In the meeting, Professor Zhong Nanshan, Professor Cao Xuetao and Professor Hoffmann delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Zhong Nanshan said that basic research plays a vital role in understanding the mechanism and the development of diseases. He hopes that the institute will further strengthen the joint research between basic and clinical, strengthen scientific research cooperation, and provide solid support for solving clinical problems. Cao Xuetao said that he was honored to be the co-chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the institute. He hopes that the institute will further serve the society and benefit the society with high-level scientific research outputs. Professor Hoffman reviewed the history of the development and the achievements of various research directions. He hopes that the Scientific Advisory Board will give more valuable opinions and suggestions for the development of institute.


Professor Jean-Luc Imler


Professor PENG Tao


Professor Dominique FERRANDON


Associate Professor CHEN Di


Professor JIAO Renjie, Director of SFHI


Professor Jules HOFFMANN

All menbers

At the closing ceremony of the meeting, president Wang Xinhua expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all members of the Scientific Advisory Board for their hard working and guiding suggestions, and president Wang stressed that the school will continue to provide strong support to SFHI.

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