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Professor Jean-Luc Imler won the Silver Medal of the French National Academy of Sciences

Recently, it was learned from the CNRS that Jean-Luc Imler, a distinguished professor at SFHI, was awarded the French Academy of Sciences Silver Medal.

As a very high honor in France, the CNRS Medal was implemented in 1954, including gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal. It is awarded once a year for the important contributions of researchers. About ten silver medals are awarded every year, awarded to scientists who have done original, high-quality and important work.

Professor Imler is currently the director of the Institute of Molecular Cell Biology of the CNRS. He is an important pioneer in the research of antiviral immunity in Drosophila, and has made a series of original contributions to the field: such as RNAi antiviral mechanism; inducible antiviral immune mechanism; and identification of host factors that regulate viral infection and many more.

Professor Imler is one of the core members of the GMU's "High School Innovation Project" ("111 Plan") , and the leader of the drosophila antiviral natural immunity project in SFHI. He and Dr. Cai Hua are currently conducting research on the molecular mechanism of STING antiviral innate immunity. Professor Hoffmann, Honorary Director of the SFHI, and Director Jiao Renjie, both believe that Professor Imler makes a great contribute to the development of the SFHI and the construction of a high-level innate immunity research. .

Congratulations to Professor Jean-Luc Imler!

Jean-Luc Imler

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